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About The League

T2Tennis has something for everyone - Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and more. Check your city for specific league offerings.

Hi Everyone, Check out the NEW HIGH SCHOOL League starting this Fall. For those in grades 9th-12th

Junior's Leagues

Take your game to the next level.

All Junior’s leagues play singles. Choose from four age groups and three ability levels within each age group.

You play a 5-match season. You schedule one match per week and play when it fits you and your parent’s schedule.

With T2Tennis flexible scheduling you can participate in other sports and play tennis.

Enjoy fun, friendly competitive singles play against opponents of your age and ability. It's a great way to sharpen new skills learned from your lessons.

Click for more information on our women's, men's, and mixed leagues.


5-Match Season

Everyone plays a 5-match season. Schedule your matches each week with an opponent of your age and level. You'll have 2-3 home matches and 2-3 away matches.

Choose Your Home Court

You choose where you want to play your home matches. Play out of your neighborhood courts, your club or a nearby park facility. Our exclusive scheduling program will schedule matches near the home court of your choice!

Shorter Drive Times

Your time is valuable. T2Tennis’ exclusive scheduling software uses GPS mapping and actual match play history to create unique divisions every season. This ensures players a variety of opponents, fair competition, and short drive times.

Choose Your Level

We encourage everyone to select a proper level and age group to insure good, competitive matches! See Rules for complete details.


Levels Offered

Level Description
A Extensive match play experience and considerable tournament experience. This player is competitive with other tournament level players.
B Has a solid foundation in the game, league tennis experience and may have limited tournament experience.
C Has limited match play experience and is working towards developing his/her total game.

Age Groups

Age Description
10 & Under Must be 10 or under for the entire season of play.
12 & Under Must be 12 or under for the entire season of play.
14 & Under Must be 14 or under for the entire season of play.
16 & Under Must be 16 or under for the entire season of play.

Note: Juniors must complete matches without adult intervention. "Monitoring" is not allowed.